Gail Cox

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As a coach and a team facilitator, Gail supports individuals and businesses to manage transition and growth in impactful and purpose-led ways. Helping to build human-centred organisations and thriving leadership cultures that meet the demands of our current living is her passion. As is her enthusiasm to support individuals through transition; helping them to recalibrate, realign and get clearer on their way forward. As a wife, mother, corporate consultant and entrepreneur, Gail is acutely aware of what it takes to stay true and connected to purposeful and meaningful living. It’s easy to get lost in the chaos. Coaching with Gail is an experience of pausing, settling and finding your way back to yourself so that you can re-launch – in your career and in your life. With a commitment to mindfulness practice as a way to build stress resilience and wellness, Gail brings an integrated mind, body, vital life approach to her coaching. Clients include: Coronation Fund Managers, Prescient group, PPS Investment Group, RealFin, Mint Accounting, Private Client Holdings, Democratic Alliance


  • Psych Degree
  • Post Grad in Coaching
  • Certified Time to Think Coach
  • Certified Enneagram Practitioner
  • Certified Mindfulness Practitioner


  • Industry specialisation in Financial Services
  • Leadership and Management Coaching – team leader to C-suite
  • Passion for supporting stress reduction strategies in people, teams and systems
  • Managing conflict and working with complexity
  • Working with entrepreneurs

4 reviews for Gail Cox

  1. Matilda: Architect: Sweden/ Zimbabwe

    Gail was instrumental in helping me navigate a pivotal phase in my career. She did this with grace and confidence. Her understanding of the Enneagram, combined with her coaching skills, provided me with the tools I needed to regain control over my career path. Through our work together, I not only embraced the discomfort of uncertainty but also learned how to harness it as a source of strength. I wholeheartedly recommend Gail and her services!

  2. Joanne: Process Specialist: Investments – Cape Town SA

    When you are going through hard times, it’s a big and overwhelming step to ask for help and Gail made that big step incredibly easy for me. From our very first session, I walked away with tools that I still practice. Her ability to actively listen and give honest, real, and kind feedback leaves you with a clear direction on the next steps in your growth journey. Gail has added immeasurable value to all aspects of my life, and I am very grateful to consider her my mentor and coach.

  3. Tiyane: Specialist: Reinsurance – Gauteng SA

    My journey with Gail has been amazing. She guided me and helped me with blind spots. She was my voice of reason. I overcame difficult conversations and conflict with her support, in my personal life and workspace.

    Gail’s coaching style is more of posing thought provoking questions that allows you to figure out solutions or areas to be developed/improved. She allows you to do most of the talking, which helps you realize that the things that you were not aware of – you actually already knew.

  4. Qarniet: Head Asset Operations: Investments – Cape Town SA

    Gail lets you to think out loud, gather your thoughts in a cohesive way and then guides you with gentle wisdom towards a better understanding of your views and your situation in relation to tangible outcomes.

    Each session left me feeling less burdened, more informed and with more positivity and confidence. I thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated our time together and would highly recommend Gail.

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