Chantelle Wyley

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Chantelle has coached leaders and managers, especially in the African public sector and governments, since 2005. She is a trainer of coaches and consultants, internationally, since 2006, including with the University of Witwatersrand Business School, the Graduate School of Business Science (GIBS) in South Africa, and the Gestalt OSD Centre and Gestalt OD Partners in the USA. She is experienced in the application of neuroscience, complexity theory and systems thinking in coaching leaders of organisations.


  • Honours degree in African History and Politics, Masters Degree in Information Studies
  • Member of CoMenSA
  • Accredited internationally in emotional intelligence leadership development (training and coaching), and in EI leadership competency assessments
  • Accredited as a Gestalt Practitioner in Organisations (GPO), Partner in Gestalt OD Partners (USA, Ghana, South Africa),
  • Associate of the Teleos Leadership Institute (USA)
  • Trainer in development project management for international aid agencies 1995-2005
  • Practitioner of Iyengar yoga and alternative health and wellness
  • Clients include: Danish Egyptian Dialogue Institute (DEDI), European Union’s Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EASME), Aeras biotech vaccine development (USA and SA), German Technical Cooperation (GIZ), Woolworths, Coronation, Oscar Tango, Deneys Reitz/Norton Rose , SARS, SA Rugby, Auditor General of South Africa


  • Chantelle’s coaching is strongly based in current research in the fields of psychology, neuroscience, complexity theory, and organisation development, as well as wider contextual issues related to politics, economics, technology and social change.
  • She specialises in leadership transitions, dynamics in teams and team coaching.

5 reviews for Chantelle Wyley

  1. Laura Poswell, International Development Practitioner

    Chantelle played a pivotal role as a thought partner during a crucial time of transition. She skilfully guided me to crystalise what was truly important to me in the work I do and helped me make clear choices on next steps rooted in the principles that had emerged. I return to these often as I chart my way forward.

  2. Thulani DeMarsay, PhD, Thulani Consulting Group, Boston, MA

    Having the privilege to participate in several workshops facilitated by Chantelle, as well as engaging in one-on-one coaching, has been a transformative experience. Through her coaching, I have gained invaluable insights about Gestalt and the Use of Self, profoundly influencing both my personal and professional life. Chantelle’s approach is both thoughtful and deeply insightful. She skillfully blends theoretical knowledge with practical tools and strategies that are immediately applicable. As a participant in several sessions Chantelle facilitated, I was inspired by her ability to create a nurturing space that encourages reflection and fosters a learning environment where growth is not just possible but inevitable. Her mastery of Gestalt principles is evident in her skillful navigation of complex topics and her ability to bring her full self to her work. I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked with such an exceptional coach and facilitator.. I wholeheartedly recommend her services to anyone looking to make meaningful changes in their organization or personal development. Chantelle’s expertise is unparalleled, and her ability to inspire and empower is truly remarkable.

  3. Professor of Psychology, South African University

    I am an associate professor in Psychology. I don’t have a professional psychology qualification that is accredited by the health professionals council. So, I thought that close to retirement I would do a Masters in Counselling Psychology. Since I met Chantelle, I changed my retirement plan. Her coaching style and empathetic nature is warm and comforting. I would much rather want to be a life coach post-retirement so that I can help people the way in which Chantelle has helped me. Chantelle has helped me focus on my career and helped me take control of my emotions and responses in very difficult work circumstances. I will forever be grateful.

  4. Jo-Ann Johnston, Chief Director: Strategic Initiatives – Western Cape Government

    Chantelle came on board providing individual team leader coaching, team workshops and coaching sessions, as well as ECI assessments with all members of the Strategic Initiatives team, as well as our Sectors Development team. She has helped my younger team members to grow and develop their skills sets and facilitated new and higher benchmarks with respect to team coherence and cohesion. I would highly recommend Chantelle and her excellent work and work ethic!

  5. Dr Dereck Tait, Senior Clinical Director & Office Lead – Aeras – Africa

    There have been a number of significant organisational issues which have made my role difficult. It has been very helpful to discuss these and potential ways of dealing with them with Chantelle. I strongly believe my comfort levels and conduct in my current role in Aeras have been significantly enhanced by these interactions.

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