Zelda Burger

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Zelda has coached a large number of business leaders and their teams in Southern Africa and virtually abroad, focusing mostly on middle, senior and executive leaders in corporate organisations. She also coaches high potential leaders in succession and talent pools for accelerated development.


  • MPhil in Management Coaching
  • Credentialed coach and assessor of COMENSA.
  • More than 25 years business experience. working in senior managerial positions in the private, public and consultancy sectors
  • Leadership Development interventions for client organisations since 2003
  • Clients include South African Breweries, RCL Foods, Imperial Tobacco, Mazars, African Marine Solutions, Unilever, Vopak, Vukani Group, PWC, Masthead (Pty) Ltd, University of KZN (Extended Learning – coaching on MDP), Hulamin, Steinweg, Transnet, Sappi, Buckman Africa, Umgeni Water, Ngubane and Partners inc, Mpumalanga Health Department, Dube Trade Port, Legal Aid, Correll, Savino Del Bene, Business Connexion


  • Zelda follows a cognitive-behavioural, goal-focused approach embedded in neuroscience; influenced by solutions focused, positive psychology and integral coaching methodologies.
  • Brain profiling to assist high school learners with vocational guidance.

3 reviews for Zelda Burger


    That the process would be slow and laborious, and we would not see success for a long time. It was different to what I had expected in that there were a lot of actions and helpful tools that were provided to me from the start of the coaching session – used to unpack complicated work situations and to find ways to navigate through my work life and career more strategically and therefore, successfully. Yes, for sure received value. The 3 major contributions that I made to you as coach. Sharing life examples and case studies from your own practice and life – which made things real & authentic. Consistently understanding and being empathetic – meeting me where I was. Bringing me back to the holistic picture of what we were trying to achieve – big picture thinking with a goal. Do you feel comfortable recommending me as a coach to others? Yes – with pleasure. Zelda has been an exceptional coach to work with. Not only is well versed and knowledgeable in her area of expertise, but she is also intuitive and empathetic and on point when she provides guidance and direction.


    This coaching experience has turned out to be an even better experience than I had anticipated. I like how the coaching experience has a holistic view of an individual’s well-being. It touches on both your personal and your professional life and how they both have to be equally balanced in order for everything to work. One thing that stood out for me is the support you get throughout the coaching, to have someone to guide you and debrief things with you is really a great opportunity. The greatest benefit you can get in through this coaching is seeing your growth through someone else’s eyes and by this I mean, as new leader we generally do not take the time to measure or reflect on how far we have come. In these coaching sessions you get someone who is able to measure this for you and show you through the discussions and tools how you have progressed. There are various coaching tools that are available, and you are guided on how to use these successfully in your everyday life. I would recommend this coaching to new and old managers, you will gain tools, different perspectives and insights on how to manage different or to take up another level. It was a great pleasure being part of this learning journey and I will definitely reflective on the discussions and tools whenever I am in doubt.


    I was presented with an opportunity to have coaching. By that time I had I realised that I had been struggling with a few behavioral aspects and therefore I welcomed the opportunity. I did not quite know what to expect, but I decided to make use of it and maximise the benefit from it in whatever way I could. A very important part of the coaching process was articulating the areas that I wanted to work on. This was surprisingly challenging yet useful since it helped to focus both my coach and my minds on what aspects to work on. Using some personality analysis tools, the coach worked through some experiences with me to help me understand how I think/respond and why I experience certain events in certain ways. The coach also helped me identify scenarios where I could have taken different actions that would have had different results and made me think through how I can handle certain scenarios differently in future. After a few sessions we revisited my goals. I also reviewed my journal entries where I had noted down what I experienced and how I felt during certain meetings. I was really surprised to realise that I have moved on and have made real progress with some aspects. The coaching has had a real impact on how I behave and experience certain events. Overall, I feel more self-aware and confident in my role and I think the coaching has played a big part in that.

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