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Ian played golf professionally for 8 years from 1998 – 2005 and in this time travelled the world playing on the US PGA, European, South African and Asian Tours. While playing, he had a Performance Coach who was an integral part of his success. A serious injury forced him into early retirement from golf, but his passion for improving ones performance through coaching resonated within him to pursue Coaching as a profession. He held top managerial positions at some of SA’s most prestigious golf clubs and has since become an entrepreneur with a few successful businesses. His coaching style uses integrated techniques to harness a person’s belief system for them to achieve and maintain their goals.


  • Sc (Psych): Louisiana State University, USA, 1998
  • PC (Diploma in Practitioner Coaching), The Coaching Centre, 2014
  • Affiliate Coach with CoMenSA
  • Client include: Philip Morris International • Harley Davidson SA • Cadiz Asset Management • Steenberg Golf Estate • Reddam House • SA Waterpolo – Coaches and players Professional Golfers – several of the world’s top golfers


  • Leadership and Management Coaching – Executive, Senior and Middle management levels, entrepreneurs, self-employed professionals, corporate, NGO and public sector employees at all levels
  • Self Leadership – psychological and coping skills, self-management and personal effectiveness
  • Performance Coaching – coaching some of SA’s top professional athletes and coaches

4 reviews for Ian Kennedy

  1. Ian Schwartz, GM: Strategic Performance Management, SA Rugby

    Ian made a long-lasting impression on me the first day I met him and without exception I have found him as a committed and tremendously professional, ethical and principled individual.
    I needed somebody to challenge me as a leader and my management style and Ian`s proven coaching and facilitation track record of boosting performance and creating new awareness was exactly what I needed at this time of my career.

    Personally, and professionally, he has supported me; pushed me; empowered; challenged; hold me accountable and celebrated achievements with me. His coaching ensures that I grow every day, believe in myself even more and make the best decisions for SA Rugby.

    He will be a massive asset for any organisation. I can categorically confirm that he is world class with an unbelievable passion and eagerness to educate others and to grow them as leaders and champions of the world. His vast experience both within the corporate world and in the world of professional sport has provided him with the obligatory skillset to be the perfect coach.

    He has been tremendously balanced and candid in his feedback while constantly motivating me. My experience working with him is awe-inspiring. I have benefitted tremendously from my coaching journey with Ian. SA Rugby benefitted as well. It must be one of my best decisions ever.

  2. Lynette Scullard, Cadiz Asset Management

    I was fortunate enough to be coached by Ian Kennedy. My coaching sessions commenced at a time when we experienced constant change in our organisation which ultimately led to some staff being redeployed and others retrenched.

    I found my coaching sessions immensely invaluable in terms of gaining perspective and direction with all the uncertainty at that time. Ian also taught me mindfulness breathing techniques which I still do.

    He taught me the importance of implementing as much structure and routine as is possible, in a client servicing team. Once implemented, this led to more robust operational processes and procedures. With Ian’s guidance we also amended our training technique to a more fun and beneficial approach.

    On a personal level he encouraged and motivated me to focus more on me and create more of a sustainable balance in my life, which has paid dividends.

    His genuinely caring; gregarious and passionate manner is inspiring and contagious. I thoroughly enjoyed and benefitted from each of our coaching sessions.

  3. Stanley Raubenheimer, Springbok Women’s XV (Head Coach)

    Our working relationship was always based on mutual respect and trust. I find Ian to be very committed and totally engaging in our personal sessions. He really puts a lot of thought and detail into our sessions and makes me feel very comfortable to share the issues that needs to be said. In doing that he has made me realize the potential of my thoughts and actions. I can accredit Ian for my new-found confidence and calmness when having to deal with uncomfortable situations at work and in my private life.

    The feedback for the management session was full of praises for Ian’s ability to take our team through the steps -from working as individuals, to be able to work as team members and to value each member’s role in the bigger success of the team. Everyone felt valued and was able to contribute to the success of our session with Ian. I truly believe that this session with Ian could be the catalyst to take this team to greater heights.

  4. Ulreich Tromp, DIRECTOR CORPORATE AFFAIRS, Philip Morris SA

    As a coach, I have found Ian to be deeply committed and extremely professional. His vast experience both within the corporate world and in the world of professional sport has provided him with the requisite skillset to be the ideal coach.

    Ian has challenged and pushed me both personally and professionally and been extremely balanced and candid in his feedback while constantly motivating me.

    What is remarkable about Ian’s style, is that he is able to communicate these thoughts and ideas in a clear and thoughtful manner while maintaining a healthy dose of humour. I have benefitted tremendously from my coaching journey as a leader at work and at home. The most significant signs of improvement have been the positive comments and feedback I have received from my family and my colleagues.

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