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Dumi is a senior executive coach and has been a leadership consultant for many years in multi-lateral agencies such as the United Nations, as well as the financial sector (development finance institutions), education sector, and manufacturing sector. His work experience includes university level teaching (he still teaches coaching and graduate programmes in leadership, and supervises Masters and Doctoral students across different universities). He has worked in the NGO sector driving access to resources for economic development; and has been a public servant in the new SA government (water sector). He is involved in youth mentoring programmes in townships (targeting young men with no fathers or father-figures in their lives).


  • PhD in Behavioural Sciences (Development Sociology)
  • Masters in Sociology and Social Anthropology
  • Non-Executive Director and Senior Faculty: The Coaching Centre (TCC)
  • Trained and certified at The Coaching Centre (TCC) in the Diploma in Practitioner Coaching accredited with Middlesex University (UK).
  • Certified as a Master Coach with the Africa Board for Coaching, Consulting and Coaching Psychology (ABCCCP).
  • Trained and Certified in the executive OD programme: Gestalt International Organisational Systems Development (IOSD) Programme
  • Trained and Certified as a Facilitator in Nine Conversations in Leadership.
  • Trained in selected Assessments including the Enneagram, Insights, and several others.
  • Founding Board Member: Africa Board for Coaching, Consulting and Coaching Psychology (ABCCCP).
  • Ten years as a Professional Coach. Seven years as a Senior Faculty Member and Trainer of Executive Coaches in one of the leading Coach-Training Academies on the African continent.
  • Conducted Coach-Training in other African countries.
  • Clients include: SARB, Vodacom SA, DBSA, BancABC, NAMPAK, ABSA, University of JHB, ICT Works, DA Vinci Institute, Transnet, Gautrain (GMA), Young African Leaders Initiative (Mandela Washington Fellowship), SA National Treasury, Gauteng Provincial Department of Education, Talentline, HWESETA, HeinekenSA, among many other clients.


  • Executive Coach, Leadership Coach, Facilitator, Executive Team Strategy Session Facilitation and engagement, and Managing Personal Effectiveness.
  • Teaching and Training Coaching and Ubuntu Leadership Values, locally and internationally.

4 reviews for Dumi Magadlela

  1. Mr Jacob Naomab (Jakes)

    The coaching from the whole being (integral) approach of this programme is an exceptionally powerful process that helped me to get a complete new dimension and outlook at life. Sufficient space was created to talk about myself.

    This reflective approach, and the self-reflection questions compelled me to take a ‘deep-dive’ into my life, and ‘switched-on’ lights in my being that started to illuminate many aspects that I never considered.

    As the journey went, the constant disrupting of myself during the reflection space thoroughly maintained the momentum and energy of the programme, unfold the intricacies of the gratitude strategy of human engagement, and undo old narratives brick-by-brick…

    The systematic feedback approach has enhanced my professional skills, interpersonal awareness and personal effectiveness. The discussions created opportunities that I needed for professional development and to increase my effectiveness.

    The safe space, and a listening-ear approach of the coaching allowed me to share and talk through sensitive and personal issues/challenges. The ability of my coach to remain uninvolved but give guidance allowed me to gain perspective without any fear that somebody else will come to hear about our discussions. This facilitated a deep comfort and contentment, and I could learn easily and naturally. Consequently, I could plough back and apply the skills and knowledge at my work-place through initiating, reconnecting and mending relationships with colleagues, meaningfully contribute to discussions, assist in identifying colleagues for coaching, and help in employee engagement activities.

    One of the biggest discoveries was an understanding of how my colleagues perceive me. It was a paradigm shift, as I started to identify my blind spots, and consciously work on it. Personal awareness took centre-stage, and this brought about amazing results. Rapport is established, communication flows, meeting discussions are smooth, greater cooperation and engagement on corporate issues, and it is expanding.

    The ability to listen was another milestone. Throughout the whole programme, my coach emphasized listening, and internalized/entrenched the skill in me by continuously doing that. He is a great listener.
    The coaching programme defined a new direction to my journey. A realization that certain things are over, that harmony as human beings should preside over everything else. That our interconnectedness should set the agenda.

  2. Ms Michelle Naobes (CA) – Development Bank of Namibia

    Wow! What a pleasure it has been to work with you on my journey of self-discovery and personal development. As promised, below is a short personal testimonial of my coaching journey. My coaching journey with you Dr. Dumi Magadlela has literally transformed my life! It has ignited something very powerful in me, that I could no longer ignore. I have come to a genuine realisation that I have many strengths, talents and gifts, and that I should and will use them to touch the world in a better way, for all of humanity. It has been a wonderful journey of self-discovery, self-awareness and personal and professional development, in pursuit of my true purpose. My greatest revelation is that I AM FILLED WITH GREATNESS AND I AM ENOUGH. I AM BECAUSE WE ARE – UBUNTU.

    Thank you once more for this wonderful coaching experience and journey. This is the start of many more coaching and self-development interventions for me. You and the coaching fraternity in general, has inspired me so much to look closer into my heart and soul and find my true purpose in life. I am truly inspired to take the next bold stand in my life and who knows, I may just join you on the GLOBAL COACHING STAGES in some years to come. I am sincerely honoured and humbled.

  3. Diketso Dee Mogwena

    Thank you so much for the efforts and time you took out of your busy schedule to assist me in realizing my talents and helping me find the courage to pursue my passion. After having worked for the corporate for almost 10 years when I got retrenched in May 2015, I had a tough decision to make to either to look for another job or to pursue my God given talents. And I chose to go after my passion, during our coaching sessions Dr Dumi always reminded me that I am created for more, that there was more in me than just living. Every coaching session opened my eyes to see myself in a better light. I started to love, appreciate and affirmed myself more. Thank you so much bhuti wami, I am grateful to God that you reminded me of the power that is within me, the coaching meetings worked and still are pushing me even today. You played such a vital role in my life when I was about to quit on my life. Thank you so, so much, may you continue the great work you are doing. It’s doing the most. You really touched my life.

  4. Senior Specialist: Group Strategy, Marketing and Communications

    I started my coaching sessions with Dr Magadlela in 2008 when I joined the DBSA. It has been a very long exciting journey with many interesting occurrences. Before I started the sessions, I was very energetic perhaps over- confident and ready to conquer the world. But, all that came to a complete halt when I realized that life is not that easy. The sessions brought a different outlook into how I should perceive life and take every step carefully as one cannot predict tomorrow’s developments.

    The sessions taught me how to be calm and positive. Something that I seldom am when faced with downturns. The past 3 years have been very hard and difficult for me at work. In addition to that, I had to deal with the loss of my mother. I lost my being, and negative thoughts occupied my mind again. Then, I contacted Dr Magadlela for more coaching sessions to work through my challenges and refocus my energies.

    Today, I can truly say that I am a better person. I have grown immensely and appreciate myself even more than I did before. I am still confident but in a very mature way. Negativity is no longer my language. I try to find a positive light in every dark situation I encounter. All these qualities are derived from the sessions I had with Dr Magadlela. He is not only an amazing coach but an amazing person too. I truly appreciate the positive impact he is having on me and will continue to listen and respond to his incisive questions that help me open up new possibilities within me. I know now that I have unlimited potential and capabilities within me.

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