Althea Banda-Hansmann

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Althea has over 23 human resource development and transformation experiences across corporates in several industries in South Africa and the USA. She has coached leaders, specialists, graduates and university students across multiple industries and disciplines.

Althea’s coaching is aimed at leaders; managers; transformation champions and change agents in all spheres of life; those in helping professions; people on a career development path; individuals desiring to foster balance creativity and care for themselves; professionals in transition; people dealing with grief and loss and those who wish to deepen their journey in issues of diversity, inclusion and difference.


  • BA (Psychology and Politics) - Occidental College, Los Angeles
  • Trained in Building Personal and Professional Competence in a Multicultural Society, Georgetown University
  • Trained in Adult Learning, University of Western Cape
  • Trained in Race, Diversity and Transformation facilitation at Wits Institute of Cultural and Diversity Studies
  • Educator, teaching on a post-graduate qualification coaching programme at the South African College of Applied Psychology
  • Coaching Supervisor, for students completing a their Coaching Client Internship at the South African College of Applied Psychology
  • Trained and certified Accredited International Time to think coach, facilitator, and consultant. Trained in Grief Coaching, Coaching with the Enneagram and Transactional Analysis
  • Professional coaching memberships includes: Time to Think South Africa, Coaches and Mentors of South Africa (COMENSA)
  • Clients include: BP Southern Africa, Engen Petroleum, Sasol, Shell South Africa, Total South Africa; South African College of Applied Psychology; Old Mutual, Coronation Fund Managers, Allan Gray, Sanlam, Santam. Mentor, Allan Gray Orbis Foundation.


  • Leadership Development, Career Development, Transition Coaching,
  • Diversity and Inclusion, Meaning-Making, Grief and Loss

3 reviews for Althea Banda-Hansmann

  1. Aesha Jadhav: Enterprise Business Manager, An organisation in the top 10 on the Forbes List (verified owner)

    I was introduced to Althea in November 2021, at a point in my career where I was seeking to lead authentically. I had 2 decades of professional experience under my belt, and a bumpy journey onto the corporate ladder that needed a revamp of perspective from someone who gets it.
    Althea is a soul coach, and there are not many out there with this blend of corporate experience, empathy, psychology, spirituality, mindfulness, humility, knowledge and wisdom (the list is longer). She addresses the unsaid words, the untold stories, the hidden smiles, the restrained behaviours, all very skilfully and with a lot of humility. She has a book, a framework, a practice, a quote, a poem, a reference for everything. She did not just talk me into going inside, but also enabled me with material that I could use at my own pace to analyse, feel, soul-search my way through my journey. Thank you, Althea, you have been an absolute blessing and a door opener to a world, I am just discovering at 40! 🙂

  2. Mandy Todd, Executive People Culture Leader, EOH (verified owner)

    I was very fortunate to be afforded the opportunity by my company to work with Althea as my Executive Coach. As with all initial coaching sessions, one often enters these with trepidation, but from the onset, I felt very comfortable communicating with Althea. Althea has a gentle and humble approach which puts you completely at ease. I found her coaching style to be very effective at getting me to truly think and consider where I was at. Althea created a beautiful space, despite the sessions being done online, where I could be vulnerable and emotional, without ever doubting her integrity. Her knowledge on all things leadership is so broad and deep rooted, that at times I felt as though I was learning from her especially through the readings and ‘homework’ I was given. Many of these I have kept in my stash as I know I’ll use these tools throughout my life, both in my career and in my personal life.
    Althea for me is a ‘one in a million’ Executive Coach and I’m very grateful that I was able to spend time in her presence.

  3. Ayanda Nogantshi, Head: People Operations at Allan Gray (verified owner)

    Althea is a jewel to me. She helped me beyond words, creating a safe, and affirming space, without a feeling of being rushed. To be open to whatever I was feeling, and to challenge it, and to face up to the truth. I felt empowered every time I left our sessions. I felt like nothing was impossible. I ultimately made me realise that no matter what happens, I will always be ok. Difficult situations will not break me. She has an aura and an energy about her that makes it so easy to open up. I found myself sharing things I had no intention of sharing. And feeling great about it. She coached me into a human that is kind to herself, and her identity.

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